Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma opens headquarters in Glenview

June 4, 2012 (GLENVIEW, Ill.)

The headquarters were in Deerfield but were relocated to Glenview with new facilities. The move means a much larger facility for the company and a change to its workforce.

The move to Glenview has been in the works for about a year. About 1,000 company employees will be relocating to the new HQ. About 150 new, high-paying tech jobs will be added. It's all a part of Governor Pat Quinn's plan to increase job creation in the state by getting national and international companies to come to Illinois.

"Jobs today in the 21st century follow brain power," said Gov. Quinn. "We've got to make sure we invest in your abilities, in your minds."

Astellas is investing about $140 million dollars in Illinois as a part of its Glenview expansion.

"Access to health lies in discovering, developing and providing innovative medications for patients, as well as engaging in initiatives in countries in need of adequate medical care," said Astellas Global CEO Yoshihiko Hatanaka.

The corporate campus includes two seven-story buildings totaling 446,000 feet. Along with the relocation of over 1,000 employees, the move creates 150 new high-paying tech jobs.

"We are here because we have a great wealth of talent that we can hire and bring in to help us meet the unmet medical needs of each of our patients around the world," said Astellas Senior Vice President Collette Taylor.

As an incentive, the state will give Astellas tax breaks and job training funds totaling $4 million.

"It's just another proof that Chicago and Illinois are really the center of the Midwestern economy," said David Vaught, Acting Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

We're the inland port. We're the central location where global companies like Astellas love to come and do business."

The company will not be eligible for those incentives if it does not meet its job creation goals.

Illinois ranks No. 1 in the Midwest as a place for foreign investment, according to state officials. Gov. Quinn said he wants to make sure it stays that way.

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