Doctors attacked by mobs outside hospital

June 14, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The doctors were confronted by a group of people as they walked home alone from the downtown medical campus around 10 p.m. In both incidents, the doctors were roughed up, but there was no demand for property, and neither physician was robbed. The victims were not seriously injured.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the new Lurie Children's Hospital sent safety memos to their employees this week, alerting them of the attacks.

Recent attacks in Streeterville are putting people who live and work in the area on guard. On Sunday, a man walking home was attacked by a group of young people near DeWitt and Pearson.

"I'm new to the area. I live in the suburbs, so coming down here all the time is an adjustment anyways. And now I have another precaution to watch out, and it is kind of scary," said Sarah Kwasigroch, hospital employee.

"I have to travel to the rail line, and yeah, I'm concerned. I mean, you know, an attack happened right in front of the hospital, you would think someone would see it," said hospital employee Pamela Hall.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the latest incidents are similar to what happened last summer, and the police department is taking action.

"I have already talked to [Chicago Police Supt.] Garry [McCarthy] yesterday and the day before as well as this morning, and we dealt with it. And we're going to deal with it again," Emanuel said.

The alerts offer some tips. For instance, don't confront an attacker, comply with demands for personal property, and try to remember as many details about the attackers that you so you can.

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