Sauk Village says water now safe to drink

July 19, 2012 (SAUK VILLAGE, Ill.)

Angry residents shout questions at their mayor and city council moments after they abruptly adjourned their meeting after just ten minutes.

"No one's answering our questions - we just want to know the truth. Tell us the truth," said Mark Brown.

The mayor quoting the Illinois EPA says that while the water supply in Sauk village is contaminated with the carcinogen vinyl chloride, it is still safe to drink.

"What the IEPA given me a letter today - the water in Sauk Village well is safe to drink," said Mayor Lewis Towers.

At Hometown Gyros and Pizza, they are now using bottled water for everything from cooking to washing dishes.

"As soon as we heard of it I think Sunday night or Monday, right away we took initiative, we got the big tanks of water, we started using our own water," said owner Sam Abdo.

It's the same story down the street at Tom's Tap. Although some customers question it - Ken Eiermann, a resident of 53 years, says he always drank the water.

The water issues led the owner of the Dunkin Donuts to close temporarily while they install a water filter. Many residents say that's not an option for them.

"They put a band-aid over a difficult situation and it's just going to explode in the long run," said resident Cheval Austin.

The council voted in favor of a process called 'air stripping' as a temporary solution. That will take about six months. In the meantime, they will provide free bottled water to residents.

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