Bacteria keeps Evanston beach goers from swimming

July 25, 2012 (CHICAGO)

In Evanston, the water looked inviting but beachgoers were restricted to the sand. The lifeguard chairs were empty since the water was off limits because of high levels of e. coli.

A group of exchange students from Italy going home on Thursday were deflated.

"We were told we can't swim ... we are quite disappointed," said Pietro Spiri from Italy.

"The whole reason we came is to go in the water," said John Waschow of Des Plaines.

For those unwilling to brave the heat outdoors, staying inside with the air conditioner running can be expensive. The Citizen's Utility Board is offering a number of tips to save. They say:

  • Turn up the temperature at night and when you're not home
  • Avoid putting heat generating appliances like televisions and lamps near your thermostat
  • Try to cook on the grill or use a microwave avoid the heat generated by a stove

But regulating the biggest energy user -- the air conditioner -- is the most important.

"You need to treat you're the air conditioner like it's an honored guest in your home. Do not make it run too hard," said Jim Chilsen, Citizens Utility Board.

If it's any consolation, doctors say all the hot days we've had so far this summer are helping us cope.

"The human body is pretty incredible and it definitely can acclimate to heat," said Dr. Jeff Mjannes, Rush University Medical Center.

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