Man wanted for multiple attacks on women

July 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

A woman who says she fought him off shared her story with ABC-7.

The suspect may be responsible for at least three attempted assaults.

She had been sitting on her porch most of the evening and when she briefly went inside ahe left the door unlocked apparently allowing a suspect into her kitchen.

"I came out of my bedroom and there was a man standing in my kitchen," she said.

Armed with a knife, the man choked her and tried to force her into the bedroom but she screamed for help and scared him off. The victim has only lived here for a month.

"I remember being afraid and then not being afraid," she said. "I said 'screw that.' I screamed. And then he ran."

Police say it's just one of a series of attempted sexual assaults in the area recently.

"None of our victims have been in the company of anyone else that we can see." Sgt. Mia Ogliore said. "He's demanding their property from them and then going ahead with the attempt at criminal sexual assault." Sgt. Mia Ogliore said.

Police say they believe the suspect is responsible for several attacks in the last month. They are distributing a composite sketch. They believe he is an African American with a fair complexion, 23-28 years old, about 6-1 to 6-3, 180 pounds with a teardrop tattoo under his right eye, and dreadlocs.

Some Logan Square residents are concerned.

"You feel like carrying a weapon with you when you walk," Juanita Pagan said.

Ivan Arroyo believes he saw a man who resembled the suspect trying to break into the house across the street by pushing the air conditioner through the window. He called police but the suspect got away.

"People need to keep their eyes open. Not a nice guy we got running around our neighborhood," Arroyo said.

Police declined to give the number of incidents that they believe this suspect is responsible for. At this point, they are hoping that by releasing the sketch they will be able make some progress in their investigation.

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