Chase after home invasion leaves 1 suspect dead

August 8, 2012 (HOBART, Ind.)

Three other suspects were arrested in Hobart, where police say they ran into nearby restaurants to hide.

The afternoon rush hour in Hobart on Route 30 became a complicated crime scene.

The Hobart Police Chief says the victim of a home invasion in Porter County pursued four suspects.

The suspects crashed into another car and three fled, but watching the scene unfold were two off duty FBI agents.

"They heard gunfire, one of them comes down to engage the suspect here as they approach. It appears that he took his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound," said Chief Jeff White.

Some businesses locked their doors as the suspects allegedly entered three nearby restaurants in an attempt to change their clothes and appearance.

"I saw someone run past my truck real fast. I jumped out and then heard three gunshots, then I look over across US 30 and one of the suspects was running across towards the restaurant and one of the cops is saying, 'drop the gun,'" said Joe Zaradich.

At some point, one of the suspects was believed to have engaged with the man pursuing the suspects.

His was shot in the hand and the surviving suspects are in custody.

"A lot of stuff happened very fast in a very short period of time. We were very fortunate that FBI agents happened to be at the gas station and hear this," White said.

What led to all of this was that home invasion apparently in a rural part of Valparaiso.

A woman called 911, said the suspects broke into her home, punched, kicked her, held her down, stole money as well as guns and then one of her neighbors, a Hammond firefighter, was in pursuit of the suspects.

That's apparently how we got to this area of Lake County.

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