Witness: Peterson told Savio 'Why don't you just die?'

August 9, 2012 (JOLIET, Ill.)

Peterson's18-year-old son, Kris, visited with his father for a few minutes.

Kris Peterson, the son of Drew and his third wife, Kathleen Savio, was also in court to sign a release ending the wrongful death lawsuit against his father by the Savio family, and his involvement.

The trial of Drew Peterson on charges of murdering Savio is now in its seventh day.

The court heard more hearsay testimony from Mary Parks, a friend of Savio, who told the court about seeing marks around Savio's neck and described her as being a scared woman.

A confident, careful and smiling Parks told the court she is comfortable being on the stand and speaking to a jury.

But she broke down when she remembered a conversation she had with her close friend and nursing school classmate Savio.

Parks recalls that in the fall of 2003 Savio told her Peterson had come to her home and grabbed her neck.

"She said that her husband said, 'why don't you just die,'" Parks said.

The alleged incident left markings around Savio's neck that she showed Parks in class the next day.

It's more hearsay testimony the judge is allowing in this case and it's another big step for the state.

"We are very satisfied with how the case is proceeding and we look forward to coming back tomorrow," said States Attorney James Glasgow.

During cross examination, the defense questioned why Parks didn't turn to authorities with what she claimed Savio told her, and presented inconsistencies in her interviews with police and the states attorney. Parks responded that officers may not have accurately written down her comments.

"Somebody may say one thing, but what are their actions, are they consistent?" defense attorney Joel Brodsky asked. "At this point, the State's Attorney would like us to believe that the Illinois State Police and the FBI were in some conspiracy to cover up facts in order to benefit Drew Peterson."

Parks' testimony followed another big win for the state on Wednesday, after Savio's friend and roommate, Kristin Anderson, took the stand and told jurors Savio had told her Peterson said, "I could kill you and make it look like an accident."

Pam Bosco, family spokesperson for Stacy Peterson, believes the hearsay witnesses are giving the state the upper hand.

"I think what we are get used to seeing is this merry-go-round with defense attorneys that only validates to me the credibility of each witness that goes before us and it strengthens each testimony that these witnesses have against Drew," Bosco said.

During a lengthy break, Kris Peterson was in the courtroom talking closely with his father for some time.

Defense attorney Steve Greenberg instructed him to exit the court before it resumed, as he is a potential witness in this case.

"He was choked up," Bodsky said. "Father and son hadn't been together for some time and they miss each other very, very much. And he expressed that he can't wait for his dad to come home."

Kris Peterson had not seen his father face-to-face like that in three years. He does stand by his father.

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