ABC'S of Back To School: Colorful and quirky gear

August 13, 2012 12:20:22 PM PDT
It can be heard to transition your kids from summer season into the new school year. But Time Out Chicago Kids can help.

Editors have found some the year's hottest colorful and quirky gear to help get kids excited to start up the new school year.

Complete list is available in the August/September issue of Time Out Chicago Kids, on newsstands now.

  • Sparkly Notebooks, $2, Target
  • Bedazzled Accessories, $4, Target
  • Autoseal Kids Cup, $7,
  • Desk Accessories, $4-$9,
  • Mead's Doodle Notebooks, $8,
  • Mead's Bold Folders, $5,
  • Madpax's Bubble Backpack, $60,
  • Sneaker-Shaped Pencil Case, $5,
  • Animal Erasers, $5.50 for a pack of 7
  • Scented Dessert Erasers, $7 for 24,
  • Mix and Match Patch Buddies Backpacks, $15 for the Mix and Match Lovies, $17 for the backpack colors,