Fresno police say woman shot sleeping parents

FRESNO, Calif.

Lisa Alarcon has been missing ever since the shooting early Saturday morning. Police say she is considered armed and dangerous.

Police say Alarcon has no criminal record and didn't have any problems with her parents to indicate she would do something like this. But now she is wanted and her parents are recovering from a very shocking wake up call.

Police say an unlikely suspect drove up to a home in Central Fresno over the weekend and fired a handful of shots through a bedroom window. A couple who was sleeping were both hit in the legs.

Chief Jerry Dyer says the motive is unclear, and the suspect, the couple's daughter, is on the run.

"If someone will go to this measure to shoot their own parents, I have no doubt that if she was confronted by someone else, she might again shoot someone else," Chief Dyer said.

Police say Alarcon drove up to the home with a man, fired the weapon and left the scene. The car was located a short time later with no sign of Alarcon or the getaway driver.

The victims have been interviewed, and while police say the parents have past issues with their daughter there's nothing to indicate Alarcon would go to this extreme.

"This is one of those times where it appears to be some type of a domestic disturbance or some type of a domestic relationship and we're not certain of the motive," Chief Dyer said.

No one answered the door at the family's home late Monday, but the window is still boarded up from the frightening early morning shooting.

The parents are both out of the hospital recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

When she is caught, Lisa Alarcon will be facing some serious charges for the crime, possibly even attempted murder. If you've seen Alarcon, please call the Fresno Police Department.

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