Texas grandma fights off robber with a fork

August 20, 2012 10:06:57 AM PDT
A brave 73-year-old woman used scissors and a fork to defend her Houston home when a suspect tried to break in.

Margaret Jackson says her dog heard something outside, so she looked out the window and saw a teenager in the backyard.

Jackson grabbed scissors and a barbeque fork for protection. She stabbed the suspect in the neck with the fork.

Jackson says she would be happy to teach others how to fight off criminals.

"They want to learn how to use the fork, I can teach self defense in the fork," Jackson said. "He was pushing on me. He turned around. And when he turned around, that's when he messed up. I got him right in the neck."

Jackson says, if she ever finds herself in this type of situation again, she will call police.