BP releases list of stations with bad gas in recall

August 29, 2012 (WHITING, Ind.)

Now, the company has released a list of the gas stations affected. Click here for the searchable list Customers should note that the list cannot be viewed in full and must have an idea of the city or even the address of the station they visited.

The list includes sations in four states: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and one station in Ohio.

The oil giant says 64 percent of the individual claims are from Indiana residents. Illinois residents have filed 28 percent of the claims, and Wisconsin residents have filed 5 percent of the claims. An additional 3 percent were travelers from out of state.

Spokesman Scott Dean says BP isn't commenting on two lawsuits seeking class-action status in U.S. District Court in Hammond. Each lead plaintiff in the cases filed Friday alleges the recalled gas caused repair bills of nearly $1,000 or more.

Dean says BP has already begun paying claims and expects payments to accelerate as it receives copies of customers' repair receipts.

Contact for BP claims:
Phone: (800) 599-9040
Email: bpfuelclaims@bp.com

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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