Lighthouse admins state's new RIN program

August 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Manning the system are people with disabilities who produced 2 million I.D. numbers with a staff of less than 10.

At the Chicago Lighthouse, RIN's employees are entering numbers in the system.

"We produced over 7,000 some days. We've historically gone at high as 9,000 but the average is in the 6,000 range per week," said VP of industries program Jean Claude Kappler, who is in charge of the contract between the organization and the Illinois Department of Human Services.

All of the RINs employees are people with disabilities.

"They have to know how to use a computer. They have to be very adept with keyboard skills they have to be very accurate. When we took over the contract we were praised by DHS because we reduced the error rate to less than one half of one percent," said Kappler.

Lighthouse was awarded the contract in 2008. Supervisor Kevin Burton has high expectation for his staff regardless of their disabilities.

"Everyone has a set of quota and what are expectations are and everyone just holds to it," he said. "Sometimes when we get very busy, very busy just keeping up because we have to turn the RIN's around in 72 hours."

In March they reached the 2 million milestone. "We couldn't be happier with their ability to perform their contract. We're excited that we've reached our 2 millionth RIN that they've produced using people with disabilities as their employees," said representative from DHS' Office of Disability and Customer Support Martha Younger-White.

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