West Town Bakery's savory, sweet and sustainable treats

September 12, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Most bakeries stake their reputations on one or two things. If that's the case, then the newly-christened West Town Bakery has a sugary form of A.D.D. Whoopie pies command top billing in the front case.. The thick, cakey chocolate and red velvet cakes surround frostings ranging from espresso to peanut butter. Then there are the doughnuts: yeasty rings dipped into a mind-boggling array of sweet glazes. Cupcakes also play a supporting role. But the cakeball is definitely a new one.

"We would have extra cake waste. So being sustainable, we wanted to not throw anything away. So we took those cake scraps, combined them with frosting and the cakeball was born," Emmeli Blackall said.

Brownies and fancy tarts are just as tempting as the house-made gelatos with flavors like brownie surprise. But this bakery is so much more than just a refrigerated glass case. There are plenty of options for breakfast and lunch, including skillets, like this smoked southern version, featuring pulled pork, bacon and apples with a honey molasses glaze, capped off with a fried egg.

"We do a farmer's skillet, where we'll go to the farmer's market and whatever vegetables we find that day is what we incorporate into the daily skillet," Blackall said.

A hammy croissant is as creamy as advertised while salted caramel waffles are light, paired with a caramel mousse and a vanilla bean glaze flecked with sea salt. More savory options include a hearty steak Benedict, highlighted by grass-fed rib eye blanketed in a cabernet sauvignon hollandaise, saddled up next to crispy onions.

"Again, we're using as many local farmers as possible. So from our blueberries that we're using to any seasonal fruits that we're using, those are all coming from our local venders," Blackall said.

West Town Bakery
1916 W. Chicago Ave.
(773) 904-1414

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