Suspects arrested in North Side jewelry heist

Oct. 8, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Two suspects have been captured.

Police were back on the scene around 4 p.m. Monday continuing to investigate at the Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company. They were trying to talk to more witnesses and collect whatever other evidence they might be able to find on the scene on W. Bryn Mawr.

It was quick police work; the robbery happened about 1 p.m., and by 3 p.m., two suspects were in custody. Investigators were questioning the suspects Monday evening.

People must be buzzed into the jewelry store to enter, but nonetheless, two individuals reportedly gained entry to the store. One may have been wearing a fake mustache. They may have been armed with guns, but no shots were fired. They were able to escape with some valuables after tying up the two store employees who were inside.

Witnesses say they think the suspects left via the back door, while employees were able to escape out the front door. Employees were not injured. The suspects were arrested in the 1900-block of W. Balmoral, not far from the store.

The officers also reportedly recovered some stolen goods at an address on Summerdale not far away.

The events were pretty unsettling for witnesses who were in the donut shop next door.

"Next thing I see, I hear the guy running out, screaming, tied to the chair, saying, 'Help, police, police!'" said witness Gregory Pierce, who said he was referring to one of the employees, who ran from the jewelry store.

"There was people with guns in their hand - police officers with gun in their hand - I believe they were peeking inside the glass, and I think they saw them left behind, so everybody left," said witness Aamir Ali.

ABC7 is told that there is pretty good surveillance videotape from inside the store and outside some of the other stores of these suspects as they were fleeing this robbery.

Police were still investigating Monday evening, and reportedly, there may be a third suspect, possibly a woman.

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