Whitney Young High School dean, student 'dance-off' goes viral

October 23, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Seniors at Whitney Young High School randomly start dancing in the halls- just to get reactions- as part of a school tradition. However, Norris Ogbuheu did not expect a teacher to call his bluff with some fancy footwork of his own.

Dean of Students John Fanning surprised Norris with his a little "Chicago River Dance."

"When he danced up to me I figured I had two options -- I could get angry or I could join in and add to it. So I decided to join in," John Fanning, dean of students, said.

"I was like flabbergasted I had no idea he would do something like that it was really fun and funny," Ogbuheu said.

Fanning said he took some Irish dance lessons as a kid and it just came back to him out of nowhere.

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