Vote 2012: Mad dash to Election Day

November 3, 2012 (CHICAGO)

On the final Saturday before the election, both presidential candidates criss-crossed the country trying to motivate their voters. As they spoke, the repeated the major themes of their respective campaigns

"The question of this election comes down to this: Do you want more of the same or do you want real change?" Romney said.

Romney repeated his closing argument Saturday night, promising change to an enthusiastic crowd in a Denver suburb.

"Because accomplishing real change is not something I just talk about. It's something I've actually done," Romney said.

The president used high profile entertainers several of his rallies, including John Cougar Mellencamp in Dubuque, Iowa Saturday night and Katy Perry in Milwaukee earlier in the day.

With a raspy voice, Obama repeated his promised to be a champion for the middle class.

"That's what we're fighting for," Obama said. "That's what this election's about. That's why I need you."

Neighboring Wisconsin, with its 10 electoral votes, and Iowa with its six could be critical in the strategies of both candidates to reach victory with 270.

In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel toured an Obama campaign phone bank making calls to both battleground states.

"We got 96 hours to tell people about the change and come out and vote because every vote counts," Emanuel said.

In Colorado, Romney warned of economic consequences should he lose the election.

"We've gotta change course because unless we do we could be looking at another recession," he said.

The President and Governor Romney will continue at the same pace on Sunday.

They are focusing on those battleground or "swing" state's where polls suggest the race could go either way.

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