Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight carries passengers to Chicago on United Airlines

November 4, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Passengers and crew members onboard were overjoyed to be a part of the historic day, as the brand new aircraft flew over America for the first time with passengers aboard.

Water cannons sprayed the 787 as it pulled up to its gate at O'Hare.

This is the Dreamliner aircraft and United Airlines is the first in the United States to get it.

Inside there are plush seats, large windows, overhead bins, more room and it's a lot more efficient, burning less fuel per hour than other aircrafts.

Passengers aboard arriving at O'Hare Sunday morning on its very first commercial flight were very impressed, as was the man who actually operates it.

"The airplane, in terms of what it's like to fly, is revolutionary, said Captain Jim Starling. "It's a generational progress in aviation. The aircraft gives us instant situational awareness."

Even United's President and CEO got a chance to fly with the first passengers.

"It's smooth its quiet it's got great lighting lots of space the feeling of space is enormous," said Jeff Smisek.

As for the passengers waiting to get on, many had no idea they were on this new plane until they checked in, but they are now looking forward to being part of history.

"I had no idea," said passenger Dianne Hickerson. "I booked this flight about four months ago and I got here and said 'what's going on?' So I'm on the first flight it's very exciting."

"It's pretty exciting," said Fran Campbell. "I understand it will be very plush, very relaxing. I'm looking forward to taking the first trip home."

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