Chill a reminder winter on the way

November 12, 2012 (CHICAGO)

With the wind chill, it feels nearly 50 degrees colder on Monday than it did on Sunday. Even the temperatures are well below normal, there are no records being set.

However, the cold is a reminder that winter is quickly approaching.

Cold weather in November is no surprise in Chicago, but after such a mild weekend, the sudden change is a little bit of a shock.

"One day it's real hot and the next day it's cold," said Patricia Island.

"We've got our little daughter, Parker, wrapped in plastic in a sleeping bag and keeping mittens on a 7-month-old has been a challenge," said Mike Pitt.

For those who work outside, the adjustment to this chill is relatively easy.

"Just don't under-dress," said construction worker Bob Cate. "You can always take it off if you got it on."

It's certainly not cold enough to cause any wide-spread problems with furnaces, but there are some steps homeowners can now take to prepare for winter.

"Checking their filters would be one of the things and then the biggest thing would be preventative maintenance," said James Elbert of Four Seasons Heating and Cooling.

While this is the coldest weather we have seen in eight months, it can be a lot worse this time of year.

In November of 1997, Chicago saw several inches of snow with up to a foot of accumulation in Lake County, Ill.

There is no snow yet, except for a few flurries. No significant snow is expected. At least, not yet.

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