19-year-old fatally shot in Evanston

November 30, 2012 (EVANSTON, Ill.)

Police say that there is no indication that Justin Murray was a gang member, but they're still trying to figure out whether or not he was the intended target.

Murray had been living in San Diego since August. He flew back Thursday, and was gunned down just a few hours later. His mother remembers the doctor's words.

"'Ms. Murray, your son was shot in the chest in this area here' and all I kept thinking of what a good heart my son had," said Carolyn Murray.

She says Murray, a 2011 Evanston High School graduate, couldn't find steady work in California.

Thursday night, Evanston police say Murray was with friends and acquaintances believed to be gang members.

Police say the group was standing together on the 1800 block of Brown Avenue when at least one suspect fired from a nearby gangway.

"Is it really worth it? Did you achieve something more than taking a life? Is that what you grew up to be?" Carolyn Murray said.

The shooting happened just a few blocks from his mother's home.

Carolyn Murray, police say, is an active community member who strives to keep the area safe. In fact, she helped organize a gun buyback program for December 15.

With her son's death, it's different now.

"That pain, that passion makes the work all for the good," she said.

She plans to continue that work, especially since gun violence took her son's life. And although it's been 24 hours since his death, she says she's at peace.

"My peace is not vindicated on if they get caught, if they are incarcerated or not," she said. "My peace is because I had Justin for 19 years and nobody can take that away."

Evanston police say that they have no one in custody.

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