Green Monday
-One day only online shopping event
-up to 60 percent savings on top toys and electronics
-55-inch LED HDTV is a big ticket item. pricing to be announced tomorrow. expected to be under $500.
-Trampoline $225
-Free shipping on thousands of items
-$1,000 off the Samsung PN51 HDTV higher-end. On sale for $1197 + $200 Amazon Gift Card and 2 percent Cash Back
-One of at least 10 Samsung HDTVs with steep discounts

-More than 40 percent of titles on sale through Dec. 11
-Find them at EA's online store
-New and old titles on sale include Battlefield 3, The Sims: 3, and NHL 13

-Free shipping for purchases more than $99
-In store, can also print/redeem a WowPass for extra 20 percent of certain apparel and 15 percent off jewelry, shoes and accessories
-Sale through today, Dec. 10

SOHODOX - Free Amazon Kindle
-Document management software provider encouraging business customers to embrace "Green" Monday by reducing their paper usage.
-Giving away free Amazon Kindle when companies sign up for three software licenses
-Piggy-backing off Amazon's recent announcement that the company is now selling more e-Books than physical books

eBates Tips/Brad take
Note: all free shipping is created equal. While it's true that the best deals come with no strings attached like minimum purchase, etc., if you do plan to buy something from a particular retailer, you may as well take advantage of free shipping/discounts on this particular date.

It takes 2 to give one gift: Not sure why this tip is "Green Monday"-specific.

Find your coupons, check them twice. Two points here. One, mobile comparison apps and websites may help you find better deals. If you are purchasing online, make sure the site is certified by the Ecommerce Merchants Trade Association

Social Networking benefits. Easiest thing is to "Like" the Facebook pages of the stores you think you are going to shop. Can get real-time alerts all day and thru the holiday season. Retailers of all sizes are increasingly using Twitter to announce sales. Create a list of your favorite stores on Twitter to view those sales in one place. A great mobile app to do this is Slices for Twitter for iOS and Android. Also make sure you have the branded apps from the stores you have the most interest, and it doesn't hurt to have daily deal apps like Groupon for even more surprises.

Cash Back. Many stores provide cash back opportunities in addition to discounts, free shipping and other benefits. There are plenty of Cash Back opps that end on Dec. 10. There are several sites like eBates that promote all of the best Cash Back opportunities, and of course let you purchase right there.


-"Green Monday" was coined by - a division of eBay - in 2007
-Typically the second Monday of December
-Green = strongest sales days for stores as shoppers - online and off - realize time is running out - particularly for free and cheap shipping.
-Some retailers interpret "Green" as a way to market environmentally-friendly items
-Consumer Reports - 36 percent of consumers haven't started shopping yet.
-Since Nov. 1, $26.6 billion spent online according to comScore
-In 2012, 7 individual days have already exceeded $1 billion - including 3 last week.
-FedEx anticipates 19 million deliveries this year - up from 17.1 million last year.
-FedEx expects more than 280 million shipments overall between Thanksgiving and Christmas
-More than 1.1B spent last year during Green Monday, according to comScore
-Second biggest online shopping day of the year (next to Cyber Monday)
-Grow at a fierce rate due to mobile technology, better trust in e-commerce
-Cyber Monday was $1.46B this year

-One of the last days to take advantage of cheap/free ground shipping
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