Woman sexually assaulted in South Loop driveway

January 10, 2013 7:59:45 PM PST
A woman was sexually assaulted in Chicago's South Loop community. Her home was then burglarized by the attacker.

A search is under way for the suspect. The attack happened around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night in the victim's driveway near 14th and Clark.

Many residents chose this mostly gated South Loop community for its security ? there is only one way in and out of the community in a vehicle. But someone apparently targeted a resident Wednesday for assault and robbery.

Lena Vieira was coming home from work and witnessed the assault but says she didn't realize what was happening.

"The cars lights and the garage door was closed, so that was really awkward," said Vieiria, "and then I was like, well, OK, they're just talking on their cell phone, but I didn't think anything of it."

Neighbors say the suspect got into the victim's car and assaulted her in the driveway of her South Clark home.

Chicago police say the suspect stole the victim's keys and robbed her home Wednesday evening.

It all happened at a time when there is typically a lot of activity with neighbors coming home from work.

"Everyone here, we all walk out at night," said Vieira. "We don't think anything of it. And now, knowing that that was happening, that could have been me, too."

Residents say this incident is very unusual, but some say a suspicious man had been seen in the neighborhood recently.

Police are looking for a suspect and issued a community alert.

"This is a good family. They're a very, very good family," said resident Kim Clark. "They are anchors of this neighborhood, and it's a family neighborhood, multiracial, multiethnic. We really are tight. And we're a block and a half away from the district police station. We should not have to beg for police security."

"It makes me think twice about my wife walking the dog," said resident Richard Mott.

Neighbors tell ABC7 the woman's family was home at the time of the robbery, but no one else was physically harmed.