Maine West soccer coach Emilio Rodriguez fired after alleged hazing scandal

January 25, 2013 7:36:04 AM PST
A soccer coach at the center of hazing allegations at Maine West High School will be fired, School District 207 said.

The school board announced Thursday night after a closed-door meeting that it will fire Emilio Rodriguez.

"The board believes Mr. Rodriguez violated District 207 Board of Education policy and professional expectations by failing to adequately prevent, recognize, report and punish student hazing," said Sean Sullivan, President District 207 School Board.

Four student-athletes, three soccer players and a baseball player, are suing the board for what they say was lax oversight, which allowed sexual and physical assaults as part of a culture of hazing in Maine Township's high schools in Des Plaines.

The board also plans to hire a former U.S. district attorney to investigate the hazing allegations and a consultant to create a program for students, faculty, and staff on hazing.

The board said these steps do not mean that they are conceding anything with respect to the lawsuit that Maine Township is facing from those student-athletes.