2 teens arrested after Midlothian cell phone store standoff

February 13, 2013 3:00:50 PM PST
Two teenagers allegedly held police at bay for hours after being surrounded a SWAT team during a botched robbery at a Midlothian cell phone store.

The store owner said the teens, 17 and 14, broke into the store in the 3300-block of West 147th St. around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, and trashed it.

"Everything is completely destroyed," Sam Hijazin, store owner said. "The alarm company called police and they were stuck in here. I guess they had a gun or used one of mine and pointed it at the cops."

Midlothian police said the two teenagers holed themselves up inside the store with a gun. SWAT teams from the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force responded. After a several hours standoff and attempts to contact the alleged suspects, police detonated at smoke bomb.

The two were arrested around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday without incident.

Officials said the shop had been trashed. Now, Hijazin is cleaning up and airing out the store following the break-in and smoke bomb.

"They're good people. They never bother [anybody]. They just out here trying to make a dollar like everybody else making an honest living," Nick Kizer, customer, said.

Robberies at cell phone stores are relatively common, police said. Hijazim's ABC Wireless store was hit twice in the last week, but those were just smash and grabs.

Mohammed Ghunain owns the Cash for Gold business next door.

"I bought bulletproof glass and all that," Ghunain said. "I feel sorry for the man next door. I hope it won't happen to me."