Dorner was calm, carjacking victim, hostages say

February 14, 2013 (MOUNTAIN VISTA, Calf.)

Rick Heltebrake was carjacked during Dorner's run from the law Tuesday.

"He looked calm, kind of more like well trained, you know, business-like almost. You know, he didn't have any crazy eyes or anything like that. He was dressed in all military-style camouflage, ballistic vest on with some pockets in the front, could have had rifle magazines or smoke bombs or something, I couldn't tell," said Rick Heltebrake, Dorner carjacking victim.

Heltebrake told CNN's Anderson Cooper Dorner had a thick, Kevlar-type vest on.

"The kind I've seen on the pictures I've seen, military style. He was calm. I was calm. It was clear that he didn't consider me one of his targets. He just needed my vehicle, and he said, 'Get out and start walking and take your dog,' and that's what I did. I asked if i could get her leash, he said no, just start walking," Heltebrake said.

Dorner ended up at Karen and Jim Reynolds' resort cabin and tied them up, stealing their car after they walked into their vacant cabin, where Dorner was hiding out.

"When we had come in, he was in the upstairs part, and that's where the living room is and one bedroom: upstairs," said Karen Reynolds, Mountain Vista resort owner.

"And we had come into the living room, and he opened the door and came out at us, and he had his gun drawn," Jim Reynolds said.

"He yelled, 'Stay calm,' and went up," Jim Reynolds said. "When he jumped out and hollered, 'Stay calm,' Karen screamed and turned and started running, and he ran after her, and he caught her about the door."

"On the staircase," Karen Reynolds added.

"On the staircase, and brought her back," Jim Reynolds said.

In the next 15 minutes, Dorner bound and gagged them with extension cords and plastic ties that bit into their wrists. He pulled pillowcases over their heads.

"And saying very frequently he would not kill us. He told us about the man in San Diego. He didn't kill him, he wouldn't kill us," Karen Reynolds said.

He referred to his dispute with the LAPD.

"He said, 'I don't have a problem with you, I just want to clear my name,'" Jim Reynolds said.

Dorner left, stealing their truck. They managed to remove the gags.

A 911 call, and they were free. Hours later, a gun battle where Dorner was presumed dead but not before claiming another life, according to investigators.

"We really want to extend condolences to the deputies and families and fellow officers," said Jim Reynolds. I didn't wish him dead though. I really didn't. I prayed for him a lot, and I am praying for his family now."

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