International Housewares Show products hit market

March 14, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Among the thousands of gadgets, gizmos and kitchen gear at the housewares show, a few certainly stand out. Some actually help you when you have to sit down.

Laura Spauding, a marketing rep for Happy Cheeks said the new product is "a spray sanitizer that you can spray on the toilet seat." This clever and compact disinfecting spray was developed by a 17-year-old girl who was disgusted by the condition of the bathroom at the movie theatre.

"With women we don't like to hover when we go to the bathroom. This you can keep in your pocketbook and you can spray it. It's clean for us that has to sit", Spaulding said.

Happy cheeks sells for 79 cents and will soon be found at the drug store.

On the subject of toilets... the toilet tattoo is sure to give yours a unique look.

Celeste Massullo, the inventor of Toilet Tattoos, says, "I get a lot of laughter and smiles but I have a sense of humor too, because toilet tattoos is the only way to crown your throne!" No need for a rug seat cover. Toilet Tattoos cling to your lid and are easily removed for cleaning. They can be also swapped out for something more seasonal. There are 150 different patterns selling between $10 and $13.

Even custom tattoos can be ordered. It's a simple idea that's turned into a multi-million dollar business.

Now, with the toilet blinged out, why not give your nails some bling as well? Hollywood Nails is the new all-in-one nail stamp machine.

Robbin Dooley of Hollywood Nails says, "We developed a machine that you could get perfectly aligned designs every time. It's simple. It takes 2 seconds picking the design. We have over 45 designs. You put the plate in and apply polish to the design, simple as sliding the top stamping it sliding it back and stamping the design on your nail."

Magna Nails can create a unique look too. Salon-quality nail polish with metal particles react to a magnet that you hover over the nail. And in just seconds, a unique design appears.

And here's a new alternative to those pre-filled juice bags: the BeviBag gives busy moms freedom and choice. Just pour, zip and go. BPA-free and recyclable, each BeviBag is sealed tight and even comes with its own straw.

Kim Maguire, BeviBags' inventor, says, "You can't control what is packed in those drink bag pouches that are out there. It allows you to pack what you want, when you want and take it where you want to go."

Grilling season is right around the corner. This year, no need to scrape and scrub the grates yourself when you can let the Grillbot do it for you.

The Grillbot is one of thousands of new products introduced at the housewares show in Chicago. Put it on your grill, press a button, and let it do all the dirty work. Ethan Woods, the inventor of the device, says, "Anyone who owns a grill hates to clean them. Anyone who hates cleaning a grill, this will do it in five minutes flat."

The Grillbot works on a hot or cold grill. Replacement brush heads keep it working like new each season.

If the winter has you feeling a little dry, give yourself a cool mist. The SPT Personal Humidifier is compact enough to sit on your desk at work or even travel on your next trip. Turn any regular size bottle of water upside down, adjust the humidity level and you have instant moisture whenever, and where ever you need it.

Getting a frame or mirror level on the wall isn't always the easiest task, but now you can make it perfect with the new Hang It Perfect. Its inventor Mike Marks says over 98 percent of wall hangings are crooked -- the wires are never the same height -- "So with our tool, the Hang It Perfect enables you to hang by the wire, the hook, sawtooth or eyehooks or keyholes and it all hangs them straight perfect level every time."

In just a few simple steps, this clever device mirrors the placement of the hooks on the back of the frame. When you pick it up off there and turn it around, there is a level built on to put it on the wall and transfers that image to the wall and marks the wall with two dimples.

The Hang It Perfect is made in suburban Elk Grove Village. It comes in two sizes, each selling for less than $30.

Ladies love their handbags and scarves, but no one loves them cluttered on the floor in the closet. Now you can get organized with the new Handbag Hang Up. Carolyn Murphy says, "If you want your handbags off the closet floor, this is the ideal way to do it." You open the loop, take the handle of the handbag, put the loop around the handle and it fastens every securely on the loop itself.

The handbag hang up can hold seven bags on each side. There's also a version for hats and scarves.

Here's a new way clear the clutter in the bathroom and keep those expensive styling tools from falling in the sink or on the floor: Check out the Hot Iron Holster. This one clings to your countertop and has enough room to hold most irons or hairdryers.

Erin Balogh, the inventor of Hot Iron Holster, said, "Because it's heat resistant. you can use it when the tool is on. A lot of things are for afterwards when they cool you can use it while you're getting ready. This gives countertop protection and helping hand in the bathroom."

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