Exclusive: Police investigating Wrigleyville brawl caught on tape

April 12, 2013 10:01:15 AM PDT
Police are investigating after video of a Wrigleyville brawl was recorded on a smart phone.

Witnesses say it was a booze-fueled fight that put plenty of people in danger. In just seconds, people waiting for pizza started pummeling each other in a fight that spilled out onto the streets just steps from Wrigley Field. It started with a simple shove and quickly became a melee involving about a dozen people.

Luis Reyes works at Bacci pizzeria, he was there March 24 when the fight erupted.

"When it happened I was just kind of shocked," Reyes said.

The fight was started because someone cut in line, according to Reyes.

"I was going to tell them to get out and don't argue but once started slamming each other on the floor and swinging I just let them go - let 'em fight," he said.

Chicago police are investigating the fight, but no one has been arrested or charged. Investigators think two young women started it. Two other 24-year-old women were treated for what police describe as minor injuries. But witnesses say it was worse than that when the fight spilled onto Clark Street.

"When they knocked her on the floor, they hit her with a Hennessy bottle and knocked her out and then kept pounding with their heels - the back of their heels, just stabbing," Reyes said.

Doorman Nate Gill works next door and says, in a different incident, he too was attacked by women wielding shoes.

"She knocked a girl down in front of me and I tried to shield her to protect the girl and she proceeded to take off her stiletto boots and started swinging!" Gill said.

"If they can't act civil when they're drunk or control themselves then they shouldn't really drink," Reyes said.

A top aide to Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney says the area has not seen an increase in problems on the streets. In fact, police recently re-tooled safety and security deployments in the neighborhood but security inside businesses is the responsibility of the owner.