Derya Sert, Turkish womb transplant recipient, is pregnant

April 16, 2013

Not only is Derya Sert the first person to receive a uterus transplant, but she is also the first woman to become pregnant with the transplanted womb.

The 22-year-old was born without a womb. It's a rare condition.

Sert is the first woman ever to undergo a successful uterus transplant, which she received from a deceased donor in 2011. Doctors have now revealed that she is almost two weeks pregnant.

Remarkably, Sert's ovaries were healthy and she produced eggs, which doctors harvested before the uterus transplant. They then put the fertilized embryos into her new womb.

Doctors say she still faces a high risk of miscarriage and other complications in the early stages of her pregnancy. But the experiment is giving thousands of childless women hope of conceiving.

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