Too fat to tan? Woman told she won't fit in tanning bed

April 23, 2013 3:14:16 PM PDT
A woman in Ohio said a tanning salon told her she was too fat to tan- after she'd paid for a membership.

Kelly McGrevey went to the local media with the story, and said since then she's been overwhelmed with support. And, she's gotten a refund from Aloha Tanning.

"I'm not really the person to stick up for yourself, anyways. That was like totally out of character for me to do that. I just want to say thank you to all my friends and my family, and all the people that I don't know that have been so supportive. All the Facebook messages that I've received, the phone calls that I've gotten, I just want to say thank you so much," McGrevey said.

Another Akron, Ohio, salon has offered McGrevey a month of free tanning.

"It's just disgusting. It's discrimination. I've busted an acrylic on the bed and I weigh 120 pounds. It really just depends where you put pressure at. Seventy dollars, it's a lot of money to somebody, and if it made her feel better that I could give her something, than I'd like to make her feel better. I think I'm going to take her up on that," Jackie Gamble, tanning salon owner, said.