Minn. school apologizes for leaving boy, 4, at museum in S.D.

April 26, 2013 9:40:52 AM PDT
Officials at a Minnesota school district have apologized to a mother after leaving her 4-year-old son alone at a museum in another state.

It happened when the class went on a field trip to South Dakota. The bus went home without him.

"It's the worst nightmare I could have ever been in. I'm still in it," said mom Jacqueline Whylly.

"It happened as a result of processes and protocols not being followed. The process of counting students before they get on the bus and taking a subsequent head count when the students are on the bus wasn't followed," said Klint Willert, superintendent of Marshall Public Schools.

The school superintendent says the teacher is being disciplined. He said he's also planning on reviewing the headcount policy with all staff.