Top 5 Mistakes Women Make in Dating

May 7, 2013 (CHICAGO)

1) Bring their "Inner CEO" to the Date
Professional successful women often have trouble stripping their "masculine" veneer before a date! We are rewarded for masculine behavior in the workplace, and think that it's appropriate everywhere, including a date! Men are looking for smart women that are nice, kind, and thoughtful - a "soft place to land" after work - not carbon copies of themselves!

2) Giving it "up" too soon (having sex too early)!!
Women think that men "have to have" sex within the first several dates - or the guy will toss them back to the pond! This is NOT a good move! Women hold the power, and staving off sex until exclusive is unequivocally the best way to go!

3) Thinking we can "fix" the bad guys
We can't fix anyone except ourselves. Bad guys are bad. If a man is not committed to you, kind, reliable, honest, trustworthy, and shares your long term vision, toss him back to the pond! There are plenty of men that are "High GHQ" (high in Good Husband Qualities") that will love you the right way!

4) Not knowing how to tell if a man is interested
If you're at Starbucks, and a man starts chatting with you, you can safely assume he is interested. If a man tries to take care of you / protect you / help you in any way, he's probably interested! If you see him looking at you from across the bar and smiling, he's probably interested in you!

5) Not knowing how to flirt / show interest!
If you are interested in a man, give him a sign! A smile, eye contact, chit chat can go a LONG way. Men are not mind readers and if you look away and make no effort, he will fear rejection and not approach you! If you see someone you like across the room, a great trick; make THREE seconds of eye contact, smile, look away, and look back again.

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