Police shoot, kill pit bull attacking boy in Englewood

May 15, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Two people were injured in separate attacks involving the same dog.

It happened in the city's Englewood community.

Early Wednesday morning, a pit bull attacked a teenage high school student and a 63-year-old man. They were treated and released from the hospital. Both said that it was a frightening experience.

"It bit my leg. It attacked my leg," said 16-year-old Tyrell Henry.

The Irving Prep High School student was released from the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull while he was walking to school in the 5900-block of S. Stewart in Englewood. Henry suffered puncture wounds to his lower right leg and right foot. He now has to use crutches and cannot put any pressure on the leg.

"I got 19 staples in my calf, my foot. It is pretty banged up," Henry said.

Henry says an Englewood District sergeant came to his rescue. He says the sergeant got out of the car and got the dog away from him and was forced to shoot the dog.

"I think the policeman saved my life," said Henry. "If he hadn't came, if he wasn't there, I think I would be dead or more than just my leg would be messed up."

Police said the pit bull attacked 63-year-old Gerald Myers first in an alley a block away. Myers was taken to Christ Hospital and released Wednesday afternoon.

"He started dragging me on my right leg, and my thumb went in his eye, and then he let me go," said Myers.

Henry said doctors still don't know the extent of the damage to his right foot. However, he will be returning to school on Monday.

Myers said that he was sore and needed 11 stiches.

Police are still trying to discover who owns the dog.

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