Teen born without arms participates in sports

May 16, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Connor McHugh, 14, was born without arms and unable to walk. Bu that doesn't keep him from participating in a number of activities-- from football to art.

McHugh will graduate from St. Michael Parish School in Wheaton later this month, and start school at Warrenville South in Wheaton. History is his favorite subject, but sports top the list.

"I love football and I coach football at St. Mike's but this is my last year," McHugh said. "I really love football and also I work with Special Olympics for District 200 doing basketball or doing track right now."

McHugh's mom, Patti, was told by her doctor that her son would be born without arms.

"They weren't sure how his legs would be, of what they could see of the ultrasound," Patti said. "God has a plan for him and we have to trust Him and that changed it for me and so that's what we've done we've taken day by day."

McHugh's feet are his hands.

"I also use a voice activated active speaking to talk to computer sometimes. It doesn't work very well."

He says the biggest challenge is his height.

"I can't grab something on a top shelf," McHugh said.

"I have watched Connor grow up since he was 2-years old at Mass, and just watching him through all those years it is totally amazing to me, and amazing to see this young man in 8th grade that can come down to the office and talk to us and joke just as if he were an adult," St. Michael's Principal Marcia Opal said. "He's added much to our school and he's taught us more than we've taught him."

" He just has his positive attitude and he get down that's for sure he's human but for the most part he is positive and I just I've always said he has the holy spirit kind of sitting on his shoulder," Patti said.

"Don't give up just stay positive don't lose your happiness and just find a way to fit in and find your way its really just what you love go with that," McHugh said.

McHugh hopes to help coach his high school football team this fall. If not, he says he'll find something else to get involved with.

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