Winnetka school shooting remembered 25 years later

May 19, 2013 (WINNETKA, Ill.)

The anniversary of the horrific tragedy at Hubbard Woods Elementary School is from the minds of those associated with the school.

For the rest of the world, what happened there when a mentally disturbed woman named Laurie Dann walked into a classroom and started shooting a gun was a precursor to later even more violent acts.

Northwestern Medical School's Dr. Eitan Schwarz led the team of mental health professionals who studied the shooting 25 years ago. He says Dann invented the modern school shooting.

It comes as parents of children killed at an elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut come to Chicago to promote gun control legislation in Illinois.

The Newtown parents believe limiting the size of the magazine a shooter has access to can save lives.

Dann was carrying three pistols with her on the day she terrorized the North Shore. Her victims were at the school and later at a home where she took hostages and eventually killed herself.

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