Indiana state trooper Dan Avitia saved toddler's life

May 28, 2013 (HOBART, Ind.)

"I happened to look back at her and she wasn't responding. She was in a seizure and convulsing," said mother Jennifer Newsum.

Newsum was alone with her unresponsive child on the side of the road. What she didn't realize was there was an Indiana state trooper nearby who had CPR training.

"I observed the child had bluish lips, knowing that the airway was probably blocked, [I] administered CPR," said Trooper Dan Avitia, of the Indiana State Police.

"He flew out of his car, took her out of my arms did CPR and got her breathing again," said Jennifer Newsum.

"It was relief. Relief, joy,happiness... a lot of emotions," said Avitia.

"If it wasnt for him, I don't know what kind of outcome we would have had," said Jennifer Newsum.

"I'm so grateful to that man. He will never be forgotten or the dispatcher who took the call," said father Chad Newsum.

Addison's father is actually a part time first responder and knows CPR.

Now Addison's mom plans to get trained after this medical emergency.

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