Bill Daley talks about run for governor

June 14, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Because Mr. Daley only has formed an "exploratory" committee, some Democrats wonder if his candidacy is for real.

"There's not some Machiavellian game going on here," Daley said. "I want to be Governor of Illinois."

William Daley says he is serious. The 64-year-old lawyer, former commerce secretary, White House Chief of Staff and banker believes he is the best choice among the actual and potential field of candidates.

"Based upon a lot of years in government and the private sector, government and politics, I hope I can bring something to help people and there's a lot of need out there," he said.

Daley targets incumbent democratic Governor Pat Quinn for what Daley calls Quinn's lack of leadership getting the general assembly to pass pension reform.

"The legislature has a stalemate, they haven't done their job," Quinn said. "They have to put a bill on my desk."

"We did this last summer," Daley said. "It's costing people of the state $17 million more a day because of this ridiculous situation."

Daley also took a shot at Attorney General Lisa Madigan, the daughter of House Speaker Michael Madigan, who says she is seriously considering a run for governor.

"I think that having the Governor and the speaker of the same family may push the envelope even for this state," said Daley.

Expect Daley to tell voters he'd use his White House ties to help Illinois.

"I would hope that if I was so honored to be Governor, you can be assured that whatever it took to help the people of Illinois I'd do that," he said.

But Daley says his private sector work with J.P. Morgan-Chase is most important.

"To me, that's the creator of jobs and that's the engine we have to get going in this state," Daley said.

The son of Chicago political icon Richard J. Daley and brother of former mayor Richard M. Daley, William concedes he has work to do convincing voters downstate.

"And I think people are basically fair people and they will give me that chance," he said.

Daley says he'll soon hit the campaign trail downstate hoping to introduce himself to voters outside of Chicago.

There is still no word from Lisa Madigan on when or if she'll enter the primary race for governor.

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