Therapy Yoga Gymnastics Rocks helps kids' motor skills, confidence

August 4, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Therapy Yoga Gymnastics Rocks is not only fun, it also improves sensory, motor skills and confidence.

Therapy Yoga Gymnastic Rocks was created by Dala Lucas three years ago.

"We work in gymnastic facilities, and we also incorporate yoga because yoga is just really important for children, for their balance and regulation, and we think the whole thing rocks because it is fun," said Lucas said. "Most of our children have some kind of physical or cognitive behavioral challenges."

Depending on recommendations from physician and therapies, children come one or twice a week.

Rachel Hunzeker's 5-year-old daughter, Rose, has autism spectrum disorder.

"Before she came to this therapy, I couldn't get her to jump off, like, let's say a street curb, without just completely freezing up and having severe anxiety about doing anything. Now, she can just jump off gymnastics foam pits and hang off the trapeze," Hunzeker said.

All of the staff are licensed occupational therapists.

" We work under doctors prescriptions, and it is required under state practice for physicians to refer to us," Lucas said.

Lauren Tillotson's son, George, is 9 years old. He has a rare chromosome disorder called Ring 21. He has been coming for two years.

"He's doing awesome, and this therapy is a big part of that. He is having a ball when he is out there. He is enjoying himself so much," the mother said. "His balance is better since he has been doing the physical therapy here."

"Children walk in, and they are thrilled using the rings. They feel so much accomplishment being able to go on the bar and do a flip and then be able to feel calm and regulated when they work on their balance with yoga," Lucas said.

Therapy Yoga Gymnastics Rocks has three locations: one in the city of Chicago and two in the suburbs.

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