2 dead in Calumet Park shooting, person of interest in custody

August 10, 2013 (CALUMET PARK, Ill.)

Saturday night, loved-ones of the victims knelt down and kissed the spot where 37-year-old Karif Thomas and 21-year-old Nakeisha Johnson were found shot to death.

"Start catching some of these people that's killing out here," said Kimberly Thomas, cousin of Karif Thomas. "It's senseless killings for no apparent reason, and nobody can never have the reason to the questions. Never."

Earlier, Karif Thomas' mother was inconsolable as she arrived at the scene near 126th and Loomis.

It was outside the home where the bodies of the two friends were found. Neighbors said they heard gunfire around 3 Saturday morning.

"I was just out talking to him (Friday) night," said Thomas' friend, Sharon Shoemaker. "This is crazy. Too much going on, I mean, you can see one person one minute, talking to them, and the next minute they're gone."

The shooting came hours after Thomas' second child was born, a daughter delivered by the niece of Marian McCollum.

"I felt very bad," McCollum said. "I broke down, and I cried. Then I prayed."

McCollum says her niece last heard from Thomas by phone around 1 a.m. after he left the hospital.

"I'm hoping that the police find the person who did this or they would come forward," McCollum said.

Thomas has a criminal history dating back to 1998. Court records showing time served for armed robbery and felony gun and drug charges.

Neighbors on this block say they've complained before to police about alleged drug activity at the home-turned-crime-scene.

Why Thomas and Johnson were there relatives couldn't say.

"I just hope whoever did this, I hope they get him because this is crazy. Too much killing going on around here," Shoemaker said.

Police are not commenting on a possible movtive.

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