Back-to-School: Best in gadgets, gear with Tech Now Host with Jennifer Jolly

August 13, 2013

She visits ABC7 Chicago to share the must-have gadgets and gear for going back to school.

Products list:
- Sony Vaio 13' Pro Ultrabook - $1260
- Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen $150
- PriceMachine.Com - new resource to find cheapest stuff $free
- Dell XPS 18' - new all-in-one giant tablet PC - $900
- Tocky Touch Alarm Clock - rolls away so you have to chase it down. $60
- StickNFind - bluetooth tech to help you find what's lost - $50 for two
- Pebble SmartWatch - syncs with your cell phone to deliver text, calls, etc. to your wrist - $150

(RELEASE) Jennifer Jolly hosts two digital lifestyle series; TechNow for USA Today and Tech's Appeal, the Girlfriend's Guide to Gadgets(tm). Both series provide a no-geek-speak go-to for your wired world, giving you the how-to andwhat-for in a way you can totally understand.

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