Shyla Rivera, 4-year-old girl injured in Portage Park shooting, released from hospital

August 13, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Shyla Rivera was hit while sitting in a car on Sunday night, but you would not know to see her on Wednesday evening at home.

The four-year-old is proud to show her freshly-painted nails, a treat after spending a day in the hospital.

"I just lost it. I saw my son on the floor, and I saw her in the ambulance, and I didn't know which way to go," said Margarita Matos, Shyla's mother.

Rivera was with her older brothers and their friend on Sunday when someone fired at their car. Her 17-year-old brother Javier was also hit.

"It's not easy. These are my girls. These are my princesses. I wouldn't know what to do if, God forbid, something would have happened," said Victor Rivera, Shyla's father.

On Wednesday, the family is grateful to celebrate Shyla's return home with friends and relatives. They had seen violence impacting other Chicago families, but never imagined their children would be victims.

"I want justice done. It's not fair. Who would do something like this to innocent kids that just got through playing basketball," said Matos.

"I'm grateful to God, I'm grateful to everybody just to have my baby next to me," said Rivera. "What were they thinking, what were they trying to accomplish?"

On Wednesday night, Chicago police continue to investigate this case. Shyla is expected to be OK and is now walking on her own. Her brother Javier is also expected to make a full recovery.

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