Teen dies in overnight gunfire, Quinn signs new gun legislation

August 18, 2013

Boyd is described as a good kid who stayed out of trouble. He was shot and killed late Saturday night near Madison and Parkside in the Austin neighborhood.

The shooting happened on a day when Gov. Pat Quinn signed new gun legislation aimed at making communities safer. Supporters say it will do that by getting illegal guns off the streets.

"We want young guys playing basketball here and these young children behind me, who are on swing sets, everybody should be safe," said Governor Pat Quinn.

The governor signed Illinois' latest gun safety law at Cole Park. It's also where off-duty Chicago police officer Thomas Wortham IV was gunned down in May 2010 during an apparent robbery attempt with an illegally purchased handgun.

"It's a meaningful for the whole state of Illinois. Obviously, I'm glad, I'm happy that this bill was passed," said Thomas Wortham III.

"We're closing a loophole that can deter some of the gun traffickers from transferring guns to people we know will do harm with them," said Illinois State Senator Kwane Raoul.

Co-sponsored by Raoul, the new law requires for the first time in Illinois history:

  • Background checks for all gun purchases statewide.

  • The reporting of all lost, misplaced, and stolen guns to police within 72 hours of realizing the weapon is missing.

  • Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act or FOID act by requiring private sellers to verify buyers have a valid FOID card before any transaction.

They'll have to use a telephone dial-up system which will be operated by the Illinois State Police.

"The FOID verifications goes into effect in January and with the governor's help we're going to increase our staffing and our resources are going to be increased. We're going to be ready," said Illinois State Police Director Hiriam Grau.

The attempted to make communities safer by keeping illegal guns off the streets comes as Chicago sees more gun violence.

Dozens were wounded and several killed over the weekend including DaQuan Boyd.

The 18-year old high school senior was killed late Saturday night as he walked to his Austin neighborhood home with a friend.

"I'm just in the shock," said Vivian Boyd, the victim's mother. "My baby is gone."

Police said that nobody is in custody and no arrests have been made in the shooting of DeQuan Boyd.

As for the law, officials say that the reporting requirement goes into effect immediately. The background check component of the new law will take effect January 1, 2014.

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