5 injured in Uptown shooting

August 19, 2013 (CHICAGO)

The bullets hit a group of people at Sheridan Road and Wilson.

Police were still on the scene four hours after the shooting, combing for evidence with the intersection of Sheridan and Wilson closed down.

They are questioning at least one possible suspect. Neighbors say it is not unusual to hear gunfire in the neighborhood. However, this shooting, they said, was especially brazen.

The victims were standing just outside the Uptown Baptist Church. Witnesses say the gunman fired as many as 20 shots from a white car. Joe Rogers was working security in the store across the street.

"You hear the shots, bam, bam, bam, and then you come out and there's four people shot, so it was pretty quick," he said.

Aside from being in front of a church, the gunman also apparently ignored the Safe Passage signs posted on Sheridan.

There is also a blue light police camera right at the intersection.

The pastor of the church, Michael Allen, ran out after the gunfire and tried to help the victims.

"I slipped out the back door to find out what had happened after the shooting stopped and I saw the carnage on the bottom of the church steps," Pastor Allen said.

"I was terrified. I live right there in the nursing home, and my first thing was just to go and run back over there," said witness Jovanni Ramos.

Police were able to track a suspect to a Starbucks a few blocks away. They arrested him as he hid in the ladies room. Neighbors say this intersection is the dividing line for several territories claimed by different gangs.

"It's kind of sad it would happen broad daylight right in front of a church at this hour, but young gangsters have no respect for life, and they don't care who gets hit," said Pastor Scott Fishman.

Police said initially that one victim had died after being shot in the head. But early Monday, police were saying that person had not died but was still in critical condition. His name has not been released. Three others were listed from serious to critical condition. One other person received minor injuries.

The pastor of the church said that several of the victims may have come from inside the church moments earlier, where they received a meal that was being served.

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