Youth soccer team to play in World Final

September 1, 2013 (CHICAGO)

They are now headed to the Danone Nations Cup World Final in England. The tournament attracts tens of thousands spectators and the team from Chicago is ready to go.

On the field at Cornerstone Park in West Chicago, the Chicago Magic soccer team practices together for the last time and prepares for some of the biggest games of their lives.

"I don't think any Chicago team this age ever went to international finals like this," said manager Charlie Lang. "Not only is it nice for this team it's a shout out for Chicago soccer in general, one think we realized is Chicago soccer is at the top of the united states there is no question about it."

This team of 12-year-old boys is not only traveling to England to represent the city of Chicago, but the USA.

"Not every day you can play tournaments like that you know, international, and go for the country, I think everybody's happy," said coach Moises Alarcon.

Thirty-two countries will be represented at the tournament.

The Chicago Magic team will head to London this Tuesday to play a series of games against international players. The pressure is on.

But you'd never know it by talking to the players.

"We're a good team, and we can beat everyone over there," said Nicholas Slonina.

Their plan is to turn off the hype and play the game they love.

"Just gotta focus on the game play with the ball and play with your teammates you gotta ignore all the excitement going on when you score," said Lucian Lang.

And their love and dedication will bring them home winners.

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