Bears fans gear up for new security measures

September 6, 2013 (CHICAGO)

More and more Bear's fans are becoming aware of the NFL's new public safety policy, changing the type of bag you can bring into the stadium.

"I think it will make getting into the stadium a lot quicker than it was before," said Bears fan Antonio Cuevas.

Large bags, purses, even fanny packs are no longer allowed inside Soldier Field, aggravating female fans who find the new policy unnecessary.

"People want to bring in their props or whatever, they want to bring what they want for the game," said Bears fan Briana Salazar.

They no longer can.

Oversized bags, backpacks, camera or binocular cases, purses, cushion seats, even diaper bags are not allowed in.

"If you have a small clutch that can basically fit into the palm of your hand, that is what is going to be allowed in," said Juan Gaytan, Monterray Security.

The rules came down from the NFL after incidents at major events.

"We have to really kind of get acclimated to the world, to world events that are happening," Gaytan said. "You have to step back and look at the folks in Boston and Connecticut. You have to keep in mind when you go through a change like this. Safety is really driving this."

Fans, though, are not exactly very happy.

"I don't like it cause I can't even bring in my purse," said Bears fan Teresa McGinlay. "This little bitty purse is way too big."

Although some don't think the rules are very tough to follow.

"Keys, a cell phone, exactly that's all you need, that's it," Bears fan Randy Steffen said.

If you forget to leave your things at home, you're encouraged to leave your belongings in your car or use the temporary storage lockers about a mile from the stadium.

Either way, the rules are the rules and they are here to stay.

If you come to the stadium and want to purchase one of a clear plastic NFL approved bags, you will be able to buy one on the spot for less than $10.

Gallon plastic bags will also be available if you forget the rules.

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