Cars in Oklahoma lake may hold secrets to cold cases

September 19, 2013 (FLOSS, Oklahoma)

PHOTOS: Cars pulled from lake

The sunken cars were found in Foss Lake in the town of Foss, which is in western Oklahoma. It's believed the vehicles spent more than 40 years at the bottom of lake.

Inside those cars- six bodies, corroded rifles, a wallet and purse. Three bodies were found in each car.

The discovery may be connected to two cold cases: In 1970, three teenagers- Jimmy Williams, Michael Rios and Leah Johnson-- disappeared in a 1969 Camaro; and in 1969, John Alva Porter and two friends disappeared in a 1950s Chevy. The cars match those descriptions.

"It's been so long, it's been 44 years you know, there's a lot of things in between there we don't know, it's like through the years, what happened, what happened? It's just a mystery, we don't know," Debbie McManaman said. She was 13 years old when Porter, her grandfather disappeared.

"He was here one day and next day he was gone, no trace, no clue at all. His bank account there, his house was locked up, utilities were on, he just walked away."

Oklahoma Highway Patrol divers were testing sonar equipment when the cars were found last week. It wasn't until the vehicles were pulled out that the bodies were found.

DNA will be used to identify the bodies.

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