Family business named after autistic son's creative idea

September 28, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Spikeyhairs is the character that caught the attention of people in the area and they hope to share with the world.

Tyler began drawing when he was only 5 years old.

"I asked them what they were and he said they were spikey hairs and he put them up all over the house. So i realized that maybe we could do something with them to show people what a person with autism is capable of doing," said Paul Richards, Tyler's grandfather.

Grandfather Paul Richards believes these characters were inspired by Tyler's father hair.

"That's spikey right there," said Tyler.

"His father likes to wear his hair up in a mohawk," said Richards.

Tyler was diagnosed with autism when he was 4 years old.

"They're in the process of changing how they categorize children with autism right now he would probably fall on the mild to moderate end of the spectrum," said Richards. "He struggles with coping with his anger sometimes he gets frustrated it's hard for him to express himself with words."

The spikeyhairs business is slowly coming together.

"We have magnets, key chains buttons and we have stickers and wristbands and we should be having shirts coming soon," said Richards.

They had a prototype plush toy made that they are trying to get into production.

"Tyler's really into computers right now so he wants a mouse pad and some products that can go on computers," said Richards. "I've also been inspired by Tyler to start writing a series of children's books about spikey as the main character being an 8 year old boy with autism."

The spikeyhairs business wants to support autism.

"Because I want to help other kids with autism," said Tyler.

"Because Tyler is always very caring and generous and always wants to help people so we are always committed to donating at least a quarter of our profits to charities and organizations that provide services to people with autism," said Richards.

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