Sean Forbes is 'deaf and loud'

September 29, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Sean Forbes is a deaf hip-hop artist and co-founder of D-Pan - Deaf Professional Arts Network. He's kicking off his tour this Friday at Columbia College in Chicago with a new DVD.

They started 9 years ago, and produced some amazing music videos.

31-year-old Sean Forbes writes produces and performs in the music videos.

"I really wanted to do something positive for the deaf community and deep inside I always knew it was something related to music," said Forbes.

Growing up in Detroit in a family of musicians, Sean lost his hearing at the age of 2.

"My parents decided when I was five to buy me a drum set and from that moment forward, all I ever want to do was become a musician," said Forbes.

"Of course, growing up I faced a lot of obstacles, and a lot of people told me I wouldn't become a musician and that I needed to find another dream and every time somebody would say that to me, I just felt fury," said Forbes.

Instead, Sean followed his dreams.

"I met the person I would go in to found d-pan with his name is Joel Martin and he's Eminem's publisher which means that he controls all of Eminem's songs," he said.

Sean's first DVD is called "perfect imperfection". He wrote all the songs. The new DVD - " it's everyone's music" - volume two features songs written by known artists. "We're always finding positive and inspirational songs to translate," said Forbes.

Chicagoan Mark Levin is a member of the D-Pan staff and also performs with Sean.

"I perform on guitar and sign. We're here in the United States for this part of the tour and we're going on the East and the West coast…we are in the process of planning a Canadian tour later in the spring," said Levin.

"I want to be labeled as a rapper who happens to be deaf, said Forbes."

D-pan's Sean Forbes ' kick off tour starts at 7:30 pm Friday through October 4, 2013 at Columbia College Chicago in the Conaway Center located at 1104 S. Wabash.

Tickets are $20.00 and the performance is not just for deaf and hard of hearing, it's for everyone.

If you are interested in D-Pan go to :
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