Kevin Trudeau released from federal lockup in Chicago

October 28, 2013 ( CHICAGO)

The 50-year-old had a status hearing in federal court in Chicago on Monday. Trudeau's been in jail for contempt since Tuesday.

The Federal Trade Commission sued Trudeau for deceiving viewers about weight-loss claims. It says he's hiding assets in shell companies.

Before Judge Robert Gettleman jailed him last week, Trudeau insisted he's disclosed all his global assets. But Gettleman told Trudeau he didn't believe him.

But Gettleman also said receivers needed to be clear and detailed about what more information they wanted Trudeau to provide.

Under oath Monday, Trudeau told Gettleman he has disclosed everything to the best of his knowledge. The judge warned Trudeau if any hidden assets are found in the future, he will face perjury charges. While hesitant to release him, the federal judge says, as a free man, Trudeau will be able to help the court appointed receiver find all his money. In addition, Gettleman says, it's better for Trudeau to be out of jail as he prepares for his criminal trial set to begin next week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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