Brighton Park stabbing: Woman found dead with throat slashed

November 4, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Lady Diana Sanabria, 31, was pronounced dead on the scene Sunday night in a two-flat near 44th and Richmond. Police believe she was killed during a domestic dispute.

Sanabria's landlord said no one had heard from her since Saturday and on Sunday her family asked to enter the first-floor apartment she shared with her husband and four children. Sanabria's father found her body.

"The father, the lady's father, come and told me, 'Open the door again.' And I opened the door and the lady's father find the lady in the kitchen," Salvador Madreal, landlord, said.

Police have not released a motive in the case, but say they believe it is domestic. No one is in custody, police said. No description has been released, and the investigation continues.

"I wanna know. I want it resolved because we live here and if it was her husband or was a stranger that might of went in, who knows?" Terry Sanchez, neighbor, said.

Madreal said the victim and her husband went to a dance Saturday, which was the last anyone heard from them.

"The reason the parents were looking for her is because she was babysitting for the children and that's when they decided to come look for her because it was getting late and she wasn't picking up the kids," Theresa Sanchez said.

Neighbors say the Sanabrias were relatively new to the neighborhood and mostly kept to themselves.

"All I seen is the guy coming and going to work, her loading up the kids into the van, coming and going," said neighbor Ed Strzyz.

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