Chicago Police Officer Allen Hall released on bond, charged with criminal sex abuse

November 7, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Allen Hall, 57, posted the required 10 percent of his $20,000 bond Wednesday night and was released from jail.

The 19-year veteran of the Chicago police force is charged with five counts of criminal sex abuse. Four involve Hall's niece from alleged incidents dating back to 2005 when she was 13-years old. And one count involves her 3-year-old daughter.

Richard Blass is the attorney representing Hall.

"There is an allegation that one of the alleged victims told her mother, who didn't bother to talk to the police over eight years ago. I don't know what to make of the allegations, other than that they're simply allegations. And for them to be coming forward now, all of the sudden, for this to be some big emergency- I don't understand it," Richard Blass said.

Blass said Hall has a blemish-free service record and works the overnight desk shift at 14th district. Blass said Hall moved out of his house, which is some of the allegations of sex abuse took place, and voluntarily turned himself in after his shift on Tuesday morning.

"He feels terrible," Blass said. "First of all, his reputation, his good reputation is at stake. He's been a successful policeman for 19 years, He just received an award for good attendance. There's no blemishes on his record whatsoever, And now this just hit him like a brick wall."

Officer Hall has been relieved of his police duties. It isn't clear if he still has his desk job.

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