Crest Hill residents clash with noisy trucking firm neighbor

November 13, 2013 (CREST HILL, Ill.)

The noise complaints come from residents of Carillon Lakes in Crest Hill.

Beeps and booms, brakes and belching truck engines. All day, and all night. That's what some Crest Hill residents say they are enduring thanks to a new and noisy neighbor. And if it's not engine noise, truck back-up beeps pierce the evening quiet worse than summer cicadas.

Dave and Denise Swanson have been recording the noise for months now. Their 55-and-older gated subdivision backs up to a long-undeveloped business park in Crest Hill. This summer a new neighbor moved in: a 100-bay truck freight transfer facility.

"You cannot sleep uninterrupted for a full night, mainly because the bulk of their movement that occurs back there happens after 11 at night," said Denise Swanson, Crest Hill resident.

"Once you're awake and hear that backup alarm, it's almost to the point there's no way can fall back asleep," said Dave Swanson, Crest Hill resident.

Residents have appealed to city hall, the trucking firm, and even called police. They insist local ordinance ban noise that spills beyond the property.

"I think homeowners always wanted an open field there but it always was zoned M-1, always zoned as a business park," said Roy Soliman, Crest Hill mayor.

A light industrial business park, yes, but neighbors say this is much more.

"We learned the city received $987,000 in impact fees. Is that the reason they let this go through?" said Dennis Vanderplow, past president, Lake Carillon Homeowners Association.

"We certainly like the tax base, we certainly like the 200 jobs that came to the city. I think everything is about compromise," said Mayor Soliman.

The mayor got the trucking firm to plant 50 trees between their property and the subdivision. A manager at the truck terminal says they are operating in accordance with local laws and are trying to be a good neighbor.

Carillon Lakes residents are contemplating a lawsuit.

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